Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why do people, or better you, smoke?

For fun, show-off, peer pressure, environment, loneliness, foul breath... or to die first, that's for sure whether you like it or not.

A friend of mine once explained to me that he first started to smoke for show-off; young people often feel superior when they do something they are not supposed to do. It doesn't take time for continuous show-off to turn into habit and finally addiction. I also asked another friend of mine, a girl, that whether she is addicted. She proudly said no. I asked her again that if she could refrain herself from smoking for even a day. Surprised. 'wow.. I haven't thought of that'. That was funny.

We all know that smoking is injurious to health and yet we do (excluding me and some of you). Sometimes people would make fun of themselves saying that "Yeh.. I have left smoking", after a little pause, "since 2 hours." That clearly shows how much will power that we, humans, lack; there are and will be exceptions though.

I wonder whether these smokers are also contributing to the global warming - risking our planet. As long as they are risking their own lives, let them enjoy. When it comes to other non-smokers' lives, they should be stopped. But how? Will government ever stop high-income generating cigarette industry? But at least they should be reminded that 'Smoking is not just injurious to their health but the entire planet.' But again who cares. Humans! Social yet selfish animals!!!

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