Wednesday, January 17, 2007

my nokia mobile broke again....

I was installing few applications in my nokia 6600 from Fortunately I also installed "backup contacts". I was also testing bluetooth connector for pc and luckily happened to transfer the backed-up contact file. Otherwise I would have lost the contacts again like couple of months back. Suddenly one application caused mobile to collapse. I guess the mobile c drive got corrupted. I was not able to view contacts or do anything. The last time, the same thing happened, restarting helped. This time, nothing helped at all. A message came at the same time and couldn't do anything to view that message. It was on mobile memory. Now i have changed the settings to store the messages in MMS card. Finally I had to format the mobile losing all the data on the mobile phone. This time I have my contacts in my pc so didn't worry much. You wouldn't believe that the last time, my mobile broke, I paid Rs 500 to fix it. That guy who fixed my mobile did nothing more than formatting it. I still hate that guy. But again I got an opportunity to know about formatting the mobile myself and freed myself from the anxiety of what would happen if i did this. Now I am not afraid to do anything stupid with my mobile.

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