Wednesday, January 10, 2007

keep yourself up-to-date is the most accessible yet hard to realize in this information age

Today Dr. Gabriel Campbell, ICIMOD DG, gave a short presentation in the beginning of the workshop on ICIMOD next strategic plans. Almost every speaker appreciated Gabriel's insightful ideas. I won't elaborate all here. But the one of the many he stressed and the one I already know and yet procrastinate is "to keep up-to-date ourselves in which we work". That's very important if we want to keep our competitive. For that we have to read a lot. I have lots of books to be read, and all of them in ebook version. It's easy and most importantly free to download. I download everything that I perceive as a little interesting. In the back of my head, I tag "read this" note but again with time, note starts to fade, until I see the ebook again later.

There's never been a time in history when keeping up-to-date is as easy as in this information and internet age. Information at our fingertips. Can we imagine going through the library for new publications, waiting for magazines to arrive in the markets. I can't! But the amount of information now is so huge that we tend to get lost in its vastness, making the accessible hard to realize. At least for me!!

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