Sunday, January 21, 2007

Are we helpless or we just don't care?

Two boys, possibly at 15,16 or even less, kicked, thrashed the footpath fence with exertion. Passers-by gave a look. Nobody dared to say anything to those boys. Finally the boys were able to take one bar out of the fence. I was also little frightened while taking the shot with my mobile. I know nobody would come to help me if they snatched my mobile. I would have been helpless. There were police, traffics but just enjoying the scenes; perhaps they had no other choice. I couldn't shot the car being shattered in front of police.

People were saying that they have never seen those hooligans, despite the fact that they have been living in this neighborhood since 30/40 years. So true. When it comes to hooliganism, it appears as if they are being sent from the Satan. Who dares to challenge with the Satan? Just watch, enjoy, talk, and say "Nepal is always like this!" Perhaps the scenario would have changed, should only 100 people from the neighborhood stood against such act. I wait for the day.

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