Saturday, January 20, 2007

(Liverpool vs Chelsea) vs cornered people

I am watching Livelpool vs Chelsea, but with no real intension of watching. I was thrilled to see the two goals by liverpool within the first 20 minutes. Aren't we very privileged? We are indeed and we take many things for granted. And then we have preferences. I do have lots of friends who know about the transfer of player in real time and have opinions on the performance of the teams. I was never bound to sports like an addict. I do watch games but I watch for fun. Some of my friends say that futbol is kindof religion for them. In between i wonder how many of them actually think about cornered people, just a curiosity. Maybe I am talking about the cornered people because I watched them yesterday and their pain still hanging in my mind. I wait for the day when these people would get the same value as Liverpool vs Chelsea.

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