Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Accomplishments in January 2007

These are some of the achievements that I could remember of
  1. Coordinated hands-on training on Wiki at ICIMOD on 3/4/11 Jan 2007
  2. Ran 10 days in the morning (achievement so far)
    1. Need to increase this number
  3. Posted 31 in total in 3 blogs
    1. I need to blog more on my talkict blog
  4. Completed and implemented Document Flow Tracker at ICIMOD
  5. E-library application is 80% complete
  6. Developed a small script for Html Table to Wiki converter in python
  7. Understood the sphider search engine and customizing it for my need (around 70% done)
  8. Learned Jquery framework for Javascript and Code Igniter php framework
  9. Hacked Mediawiki for versatile page by page access control (based on page-by-page access)
  10. Hike to Lakhurebhangyang

Time flies. We don't remember everything we do. Generating a list, as above, makes sense of my might-have-wasted time. Now I can sit back and enjoy thinking 'I have achieved something!'. This list definitely needs to increase. One thing I am missing here is reading books. Hope to have at least two books in my next month achievements list.

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