Wednesday, January 10, 2007

gmail address: one to many

If you have created a gmail account, you are blessed with hundreds or even more email addresses. How many you want?

I already know one trick of generating many gmail addresses from one. Thanks to lifehacker. If your gmail address is, then is also yours. I used this whenever I subscribed to any sites. This way I will know if my email address is being used for spamming. Some sites don't allow plus (+) in the email address and I am compelled to use But not anymore.

Today I happened to know another trick. Use dot anywhere in your gmail address and it works. I just tried to myself. I always resented having created my gmail address as, I used to miss dot between firstname and lastname as it is getting more and more standardized. Thanks to my friend who forwarded this information. Now I can have my email address as Thanks to fore-thinking attitude of google.

Google help center has the info on same.

Now tell me how many emails address you want.
this will never end. Enjoy!!

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