Friday, March 30, 2007

Nepal already committed to the earthhour

Today I received an email about the earth hour, the campaign to reduce green house emissions. We are to turn off our lights for one hour once a year, as a sign for our committment to reduce global warming, giving just one hour to our mother earth. That one earth hour is going to make a lots of difference to the climate change, if we really commit ourselves to earth hour.

The funny thing at Nepal is we are compelled to commit to the earth hour. Have you ever heard of load-shedding? Well this load-shedding campaign not only reduces green house emissons, but also reduces lots of our productivity. Because we are having 40 hours power off per week, a week or two back. Though the hours have reduced from last week onwards. Unfortunately Nepal doesn't contribute much to global warming, a small developing country, with not much industries like developed countries and yet are committing to earth hour - though not deliberately but out of necessity.

As far as the people, in general, are concerned, it's going to be a hell difficult task to make the crowd follow, unless we experience 'The Day after Tomorrow'. Rather than requesting people, how about compelling people. We can do anything if we just wish. Otherwise climate change, global warming doesn't make any difference to the lives of common people. Tsunami, earthquakes, tornados, sea-storms come and kill people; only those are affected and it's too late for them. For people living in New York, that doesn't make their single hair move. If tomorrow, San Francisco, Florida, Netherlands... gets submerged under water, as predicted by Al Gore in his award winning documentary 'An Inconvenient Truth', then I think people around the world will eventually start to act. I wonder if that start will be able to stop the end of the world. I just wish.

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udayan said...

nice post, Anjesh.

let's hope there's nothing called 'AN END OF THE WORLD!'