Thursday, March 15, 2007

Questions.. What? Why? How?

Sometimes I question a lot. It just comes naturally like habit. People find it funny. If somebody says something, "why" is the first thing that comes out of me. Does that sound funny? I don't think so. But some people does. In Smriti's party (farewell or bday or probably both), my questions were being counted. And that was funny. This guy has almost developed the habit of counting my questions.

How does this sound? "Yeah! my hobby is to count his questions?". Isn't it funny? No? Well, who cares? ? ?...?

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prawesh said...

Hey man, asking questions is not funny or bad but asking repeatedly in every statement like u don't know is irritating like counting the numbers of questions u ask. Its not my habit to count ur questions dude, come on I did it only once and it was fun wasn't it?? You were enjoying too with me and others. I think it had helped you a lot coz lately u r not asking questions like dumbo. You should thanks me. Hehehehehe........

I remember the best question of urs- the count was on 29 and u asked "did it reached 30??"