Monday, March 19, 2007

lost in the wind: the voices of the poor and powerless

On Saturday, a school girl was killed in a road mishap in Bungamati of Lalitpur district. She was standing near the bus door and thrown out of the speeding bus, twisted and rolled before getting under the wheels, killing the 16 year old instantly. The agitated crowd went to the police office in Jawalakhel, protesting against the bus driver. No conflict till now. Everything going as expected. One gets killed and people protesting, burning tyres, chanting slogans. Now it happened that that killer bus belonged to some close relatives of maoists. The potent maoists threatened the police that if they didn't suppress the crowd, they would bring their army. The powerless government police had to charge on the crowd. What do one make of so called democracy? Democracy? Not yours, it's theirs, the maoists!!

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prawesh said...

Hey man, first of all you really a good person having feelings for the disadvantaged ppl. It always go around like that. Can we change it? this system, can we change the definition of democracy and at last can all of us live in peace and harmony? For that each and everyone should change themselves before changing the others.