Monday, March 26, 2007

UML: developers tool or the Nepalese party

After been working in software development for more than two years, I thought I should now dip into UML tools, that would help me in designing softwares efficiently and effectively. I hope that with its use I would be in a better position to explain the application functionality clearly. In the past I had tried to learn UML in much details. But... No comments.

I must have downloaded an e-book "UML2 for Dummies" way back. I am not dummy. I wonder why "... for Dummies" are titled. If you have realized, "... for Dummies" are usually computer related books. Are the publishers/authors trying to be funny or trying to make fun of others. Anyways I was in the "Introducing UML" section - a beginning of the beginning.


The first thing you need to know is what the initials UML stand for. Don’t laugh—lots of people get it wrong, and nothing brands you as a neophyte faster. It’s not the Universal Modeling Language, as it doesn’t intend to model everything (for example, it’s not very good for modeling the stock market; otherwise we’d be rich by now). It’s also not the Unified Marxist-Leninists, a Nepalese Political party (though we hope you’ll never get that confused). It is the University of Massachusetts Lowell—but not in this context. UML really stands for the Unified Modeling Language.


I just want to show you the red-colored text above. Nepal is such an unknown small country - though people are generous enough to make it infamous now. But again I am happy to see Nepal in such unexpected ways.

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