Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Practice! Practice!

After having done the demonstration part of the elibrary presentation at ICIMOD, people started to congratulate me. "It was great! You did a great job!" I was not much prepared and was quite sure that my portion of the presentation did not go well. I underestimated my part, thinking it was just a demo and I can speak anything that comes to my mind. But I prepared a rough outline of what I would be showing to the audiences. That list did come handy. But I felt that I could have done much better if I had practiced at least three or four times. English is not my native language so that also poses a little barrier. I really have to search for words at times. Practice! Practice! Practice! Boy that's what makes you perfect! I know this and yet I overlook.

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1 comment:

Salik said...

Well, everyone knows that but only few do what they say.

I guess- you don't want to become everyone. Best of luck.