Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Budhanilkantha mission accomplished

Finally I made my run to Budhanilkantha today, a 5km ( plus some meters) distance from my home. It took 31 minutes in total, and I ran for 24 minutes 49 seconds and walked the rest. I was expecting worse than that. I was underestimating myself. My next mission would be to run the whole distance without any walks in between and then my another would be to run back and forth home. Well I took a vehicle back home today. I could still run but again I decided "little by little". Now I am liking myself being tired. It's a great feeling - for me though. Upon reaching my destination I drank almost half-a-liter water and left the other half in the vehicle. I forgot it, I was enjoying my tiredness.

I was thinking of this mission few months back and had even put it on my new year resolutions list.

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