Monday, March 26, 2007

my hilarious school project

I just happened to stumble upon some of my school reports. I was thrilled to see my work, dated almost 10 years back. Some of these are really funny that I couldn't resist laughing. I don't know what I was thinking then. I wondered whether my grade 8 English teacher (Chris Heaton, I still remember him) laughed at my piece or not. Take a look.

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vin said...

You really had killer instincts!!

But I hope you dont kill and contribute to extinction of animals (which does not exist at all).

Saral Nepal said...

Talk about an interesting point of view....while most of us were busy writing on a dreadfully boring and oh-so-predictable topic "COW", you sure had a more interesting one !
It sure is hilarious. I can only imagine the look on your "GORA" teacher's face reading your essay !
-Saral Nepal
Sojho Kura

Rumee said...

OMG Anjesh... you'd cut his head and put bulbs in the eyes to frighten people?? you are cracking me up :) ruthless but very cuteeee...... what's going on? just came across your blog and cudn't help myself from not commenting... keep in touch!

anjesh said...

Guys! I was a kid then, just completing my project :)I can't imagine how hard it might have been then to come up with such story.

prawesh said...

You sure were a deep thinker back, its so funny, I would remember you whenever I hear the word "unicorn"

jasmin shrestha said... is so so hilarious!!!!!!!! i couldn't stop laughing...anjesh, where did u get all those killer instincts from???hehe...