Sunday, April 01, 2007

Nagarkot to Sundarijal Trip

7 hours of continuous walk from Nagarkot to Sundarijal, covering a distance of more than 24 km, was indubitably tiresome nonetheless fun. This is the longest hike I have walked so far. Aching back. Exhausted legs. Face covered with dust, touching ones face gives a feeling of sand papers. Cloths and shoes topped with dust. We didn't expect anything else; hike is supposed to be like this. Isn't it?

There were only two of us - Ujol dai and me. Others backed off at the last moment. It was good in some sense cause I don't think the group of more people would be able to cover that distance in time we took. We walked at fair speed, with very very minimal breaks, and that only during ascends. I couldn't imagine reaching home on the same day, had there been ladies. Thank god. The hill was exhaustively steep, I would say almost 60 degree or more. After walking for almost 4 hours, can you imagine climbing that hill? How about with bicycles? Well we met a couple pushing hard in that hill, and with bicycles. Crazy yet passionate people; I respect them.

We passed and walked through lots of villages on the way. I don't remember all of them. Kartike, Manichur, Jhule, Mul khadka... At one point on the way to Jhule, we almost got lost - had to turn back after walking for more than 20 minutes. There were few houses, scary ghostly looking, the environment was also little uncomfortable, with no people at sight. We thought we shouldn't take more chances at unknown places, so finally turned back.

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Kartike Village, close to Nagarkot

There are schools built by donors. Kids, we met in village, mentioned about them, though we didn't see. There were two engineers from Netherlands, visiting the village that day, to lay the foundation for the new school - kids said that. Truly amazing and great people.

We saw few rhododendron trees. It seemed that many flowers had been picked by sheepherder, wood collector. We saw one tree filled with red rhododendron. We couldn't resist taking snaps there.

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I was shocked to see foreigners walking alone. They must have been walked the distance before. There had been news of missing foreigners, in the past, in the hills of Nepal. It's very risky, without villages and people at a helping distance, should anything happened.

Finally we were pacified to hear the comforting sound of flowing water of Sundarijal - our walk was almost over. Eventually we reached the base at 5:40 PM, having started the walk at 10:30 AM from Nagarkot. A long walk indeed.

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A kid carrying a baby goat

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