Sunday, April 15, 2007

First aid can save lives

I have never realized the importance of first aid training. Despite a little busy schedule at office, I gave my name for the training, organized by DPNet (Disaster Preparedness Network). The most exciting part was the training was to be held at Dhulikhel (30+ km from Kathmandu) for 3 days. It was like a vacation (a short one though) or a break from office. That vacation short-lived, when we were told that we had to give exams at the end of the training to get certified as a first-aider, besides we were also given home-works (I would say hotel-works).  We also were evaluated after each session, which made most of us nervous. Evaluations, exams were, are still frightening.

We stayed at the Dhulikhel Resort Hotel. The view from my room was spectacular. Couple of really good friends were made. Three days was not enough for us, passed like 3 seconds - with some exaggeration though.

I learned many things that I would never know, had I not take the training. There are so many basic things that we would normally ignore during wounds, cuts, shocks, burns... At least one person from each family should take this training - DPNet put forth its vision. Really even basic first aid can save lots of lives. The trainer told us a true story of a doctor, who lost his son because he didn't know basic first aid training. In the picnic, chicken bone got stuck in the boy's throat. The parents, both doctors, did their best to save their only son's life but in vain. Just few pats at the back would have helped the boy, there are also few other first aid techniques if that didn't work. That tragic story was presented just to show how important first aid training is. It can and has saved lives.

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