Sunday, April 01, 2007

How to get anything i want?

I asked for something

then I imagined

felt the passion

And I left

I knew that

the day would come

the day my wish

would come true

it's just a matter of asking

imagining and feeling it

and leaving the rest

for him to get it for me

finally i got it

the thing that i asked for

the thing i imagined

the thing i felt for

for this universe

never runs out

of my askings

for anything i want


Note: This poem is inspired from the law of attraction, that law that says you attract anything you wish.

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InspiredHeart said...

Nice poem.

What happens when we as humans, with our sense of identify firmly fixed on our limited sense of ego-self, start asking for things that contradict the Intention our Essential Being has for us in this moment?

We are, in essence, the Dreamers of a dream. "You" and "I" in this dream are not the dreamer but the dreamed. The Dreamer has an intention that has brought all things into being. The dreamed, whilst asleep to the Dreamer, might wish, and want, and desire, all manor of things it believes are important, valuable, and needed. Much of what the ego-mind thinks is important is what the global ego told it was so. More often than not this unasked for teaching from the collective is a lie at worst, and a distorted truth at best.

Perhaps whilst we engage in such folly the Dreamer simply waits. For how long? Infinity has forever to patiently wait whilst we appease our mad minds and unchecked emotions.

I wonder.


Jonathan Evatt