Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dhulikhel vs Kathmandu

The differences between Dhulikhel and Kathmandu were based on my 3 days stay only, with the entire day being spent at the training hall. So you may expect some misjudgements. We went out only in the evening. But I have a habit of running in the morning so I happened to know a little more than other trainees.

Clean city. You can feel the clean, fresh air.

Your nose gets irritated instantly.

Small, beautiful city.

Beautiful is myth now.

Less vehicles.

You won't see anything but vehicles and lots of them. You curse them everytime you are in the street.

If you think I am against Kathmandu, then you are wrong. I also found some positives in living in Kathmandu.

Dogs are stupid. They can't differentiate jogging people from running thieves. I was chased at several places.

Dogs are intelligent. They are indifferent to running people. I am sure they can locate running thieves also.

Cyber cafes are almost nil. We didn't find one, though I was told there are two.

You will find cyber cafes almost evey corner.


Niraj said...

hey excellent comparison.

NaGiOs said...

Excellent comparison. Just two cybercafe, its little frustration. But I think there are many more in banepa, 5 km from Dhulikhel. Also (you were there for first-aid training), you must have visit Dhulikhel Hospital, so there is the internet provided by KU. And also, hope that you havenot missed the opportunity to go to KU, where any person can use the net in the library. I have had my 4 glorious years in dhulikhel, so I feel, you are true except the fact that, dogs run after all the joggers. I do used to jogg in the morning, but only if u tease them, they used to run after you otherwise they are quite itself in the early morning.

anjesh said...

I did visit KU and Dhulikhel hospital but in the evening only - so didn't get time to search for the internet facility. Regarding the dogs, I didn't tease them. They ran barking towards me at three different instances. Maybe they know locals and foreigners to their territory :D

Lunatic Calm said...

The KU people have gone berzerk cutting down all the trees in the vicinity of their looks really bad......but Dhulikhel and surrounding overall aesthetically looks far pleasing than Kathmandu does nowadays....but unfortunately beauty isn;t the only thing people want ........

Annitya said...

Dhulikhel may be free from dust pollution but depending on the wind direction, kathmandu's pollution may already have influenced the air of Dhulikhel as well, specially when it is so close to Chimneys of Bhaktapur.