Sunday, July 01, 2007

Prachanda and Baburam on trip

Prachanda is sure going to enjoy his first trip to Switzerland, not to forget, it's his first trip to Europe. He must be elated and excited to enjoy his holidays there. You know the reasons for his trip. Yeah.. it's about discussing the peace process, constituent assembly, feudalism and so on. Isn't that exciting? Is Prachanda going to obey the outcomes of the discussion, "Prachanda, give up your YCL wings, shake hands with Girisha, don't do any more bandhs, and ...". Prachanda would then come back to Nepal and do whatever the Swiss guys told him. I can't even imagine this in dreams. Then why on world is he going? Oh... it must be a free ticket and we must be paying for his trip, unknowingly and he must have been bored with everyday talkings of the same ol' things. Is there any mention of his comrades accompanying him? I doubt him going alone, and he doesn't have to worry about money. That's life. After all, his years of staying underground has paid off.

Baburam is expected to join him. Don't laugh, he is in Norway for conflict resolution conference.
Damn! I should also start getting underground, who knows one day it gets paid off.

According to Prachanda, his visit will be helpful in developing international relations of the Moaists. And what about the national relations? Don't worry, let your guns do the job.

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