Monday, July 02, 2007

Fuel crisis: who cares?

It's been months since we are facing fuel crisis. And today not a single petrol pump was opened. It's pity to see people queuing up for the fuel outside the closed, fensed bar of the secured pump station. There was even scuffle for a moment by the agitated people, queuing for a line. Who wouldn't? Waiting under
scorching sun - just to find out that there's no more fuel. That's not a new problem. If people get angry, charge on them. If the same thing had happened in King's regime, that would have been suppression; then, no more king, Nepal should be declared republic, the great Prachanda, the president - that scum-bag is somewhere in Switzerland.

I am sure the officials of police, army, government, diplomates have their high fuel quotas, no matter what's happening to the rest of the country. Afterall citizens have never been in their list of agendas. They are just scapegoats - we will do this and that - when it comes to actual problem, not a single so-called leader spoke on this issue and said that this problem should be solved ASAP.

Another funny thing is there's not any coverage in any news site, except that of the small scuffle. It's not news anymore - afterall media needs new stuffs - who will pay to read the stale,stinky news. Let people die, then news comes, let some petrol pump gets burned, then media will cover.

It's the same old reason "The Indian Oil Corporation has decreased the supply of POL asking the Nepal Oil Corporation to pay the dues."

Why isn't this solved even after months of crisis?

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