Friday, July 06, 2007

'Crime against Humanity': Are there still humans?

The literal meaning of human is
1. of or characteristic of man
2. having or showing the better qualities of man; kind; good;

"Humane", the adjective form of human means having or showing sympathy, kindness, and understanding.

The maoists filed a case against the army officials saying they did the 'Crime against Humanity' to their cadres and that army officials should be punished. Ofcourse they should be, no body is allowed to behave unhumanely to other humans. How of us agree that the moaists are human? Take a second look at the meaning again. Maoist victims have given and will give barbaric account of moaists so called humanity. And still citizens are being victimized now.

We have lost the value of humanity. The greed for money, power, fame has made us uncivilized, selfish animals. 'Humanity', 'Human rights' don't make any sense in this 21st century unless everyone understands and abides by the meaning of humane.

Those who are ranting 'Crime against Humanity' are doing the same, those who are advocating 'Human rights' are not aware of human rights violence in their home and their neighbourhoods. Don't you think that everything is revolving around money, power and fame? Take a look around the world. And do you still think that we are humans?


Ann said...

The problem really is, as you point out, selfishness. If we all lived unselfishly, looking out for everyone else's interest instead of our own, then we could be happily accused of being humane.

anjesh said...

Being humane is getting more and more difficult. Sometimes I wish we were back in stone age, unconcerned and detached except own little surrounding. It must be happy then... just a thought.