Monday, July 02, 2007

The fate of my internet existence

My internet existence may be known to even hardly 10 people, besides those who already know me personally. I have blogs, have couple of email accounts, have profiles in several social networking sites like hi5, linkedin. Not much of an existence compared to those already established in the internet world. I am just another so and so. If I stop blogging, neglect hi5 comments, requests from friends, stopped checking my gmails, will there be anyone who will query about my status - what happened to me, whether I got lost in the jungle, whether I exist. I doubt that. There are people dying every day and so - of all ages. They sure may have their own existence in the internet. Now what, nobody cares.

Is my blog going to exist 50 years from now? How would I feel when I go through my posts then? I would be laughing at myself. Wow! Sounds pretty exciting!!

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