Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No water, no electricity, no fuel and now no banknotes

No water and no electricity has been with us for quite a sometime and has become an integral part of day-to-day lives. We don't talk about water and electricity scarcity any more. Then came another blow - no fuels. Man! that was harsh - I was in a queue for 3 hours to get 3 litres of petrol, under the scorching sun. It's been months since fuel crisis - even government said that scarcity will be over in 2 days almost 4 days back. But still the same.

Banknotes likely to be in short supply after Dashain

Now another crisis is about to be revealed. No more notes. Now people would be queuing up in completely different line to convert their cheques into notes. How's that?

Can money buy money? Cheque is a kind of money. If your cheque is worth Rs. 10000, then black market will pay you Rs. 9000 for your cheque. You have no choice. You can't buy food with cheques.

I am wondering about ATM. Will I have to stay in queue for hours to get money? Here's my money strategy. I am going to cash in all my money from the bank and keep stock at home just like fuels, but with less risk of having my house burned unlike insecure fuels stock at home.

Is there going to be any quota for debit card just like fuels (everyone will get petrol worth Rs 200)? You can't withdraw more than Rs.1000. I can't wait that day. I am sure Nepal is going to put its name in Guinness World Records as the "The Country of extreme quotas".

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