Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Can I also get nominated for the ambassador?

Once I used to hear that to be an ambassador is not an easy job, you need to be qualifed in every way, afterall you will be representing your country. But it doesn't sound that difficult these days. There are 14 vacant ambassadorial posts that haven't been filled for over a year.


Why is this? It's not because of the lack of qualified people - every political party has tremendously qualified people and they can't reach consensus on who is the most qualified. The most qualified people involved party, the Moaists, are very difficult to convince, they are so qualified that they don't understand anybody else, besides them, can do the job properly. Indeed they have lots of experience - I mean in jungle - and they are demanding the 'A' category nations like India, Russia, US and China. Do they think that it's like hide and seek game? Infact it's nothing like that - but they are built to be rebellious - "Always be negative - no matter how good the result is". Offer them the ambassadorial post in 'A' category nations, I bet they would say "Nah! we won't take, we know why you are giving those nations to us." Afterall they are rebelliously qualified.


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aman said...

Great! the so called leaders are busy quarelling among themselves about posts, even in a short term temporary government.. dont care about first bringing life to normal in Nepal. Better take care of ourselves until they finishing quarelling :-P