Saturday, July 07, 2007

King's Bday: why so much news?

Our-still King's birthday made lots of news this week - it has to, afterall he is still king. Unfortunately the news are not welcoming. See some of the news made to the headlines...

Palace requests additional security for king’s birthday celebrations

Attending king’s birthday will not be useful: Moriarty

Attending king's b'day bash an individual choice: RPP, RJP

King's birthday proceeds amid protests

Monarchists not to change their party plan [to gather and go to the palace to greet the King]

Another interesting news covered in front page of most daily newspapers last week was rejection of the King's invitation by the various ambassadors including Moriarty of US. That was ok so far, but now another news, quoted Dr. Durga Pokharel, says "Nobody has sent invitations to them".

Does that mean that the shrewd ambassadors were rejecting the invitations they never received?

Is that they gave their rejection views considering the fact that they would be invited? Or is that they gave their rejection views out of anger because they were not invited? Or is that the King thought these foreigners are of no use to him at all as he has to do everything by himself? Or is that the King wants to cut off some extra expenses? ........ I wish government formed a committee to solve this issue. We have rights to right information.

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