Thursday, February 08, 2007

we can beat man-made global warming

"If 10% of americans don't use driers but instead sunlight, if people start to use quilt, blankets instead of central heating, if IPCC officials stops travelling in air several times, then we can somehow beat global warming. We, on the ground, should act first and not wait for the politicians to take action." That was one of the comments made on the floor during the discussion of Talk programme on "A story of Keeling Curve: Is global warming really man-made?" by Prof. Kyung-Ryul Kim from Korea.

Professor Kim said that it's almost scientifically proved that global warming is really man-made. This is emphasized by Keeling Curve, that shows that the concentration of CO2 is increasing enormously in the last 50 years, probably mostly due of human-activities.

If we start to take action on our own from today itself, it will definitely aid a lot to alleviate global warming to some extent. For that people need to be educated about the impact of climate change and global warming. I wonder what percentage of the world are aware of potential disaster, though it may take years, decades, centuries. The professor also mentioned that "The Day After Tomorrow" like scenario is probable but it was much exaggerated in that movie. Future generation will definitely experience climate change in real, if we don't act soon. The good thing is we can.

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