Tuesday, February 06, 2007

computer-phobics are fun to observe

"Oh i just know how to do the things I need with my computer. Last time I was using excel, doing this and that and blah..everything got big. It's so scary.[...]When I was told that i have to everything in Wiki, i really got nervous and feeble. Won't it take lots of time and effort than my current task?[...]"

This was the response (altered when translated from Nepali) from one of the staffs of ICIMOD. The expression on her face was something you should see. I was smiling, trying to calm her down "It's nothing! You don't have to worry" and blah, blah... But my trying-to-calm-her-down reply took a little time before she finally said, "You mean I don't have to worry".


Computer phobia is real; many people, especially aged ones, are really afraid to do anything in computers besides their day-to-day work. I used to be the same, when I bought my first computer. I still remember the time when I formatted my entire hard-drive. You learn from mistakes. That's what I did. Now anything happens, I am not frightened. The worst thing that may happen is hardware crash, then I will buy a new one. Financial insecurity is also other reason for this phobia. Many people don't want to or won't be able to afford new parts if computer fails. But again with electronics gadgets, you can't rely on the fact that everything will be fine if you don't mess with them. They are not to be trusted. A small electric spike may damage your hard drive. Another aspect of computer phobia is lack of support. If you can get support anytime you need, then you will free yourself from the anxiety of "what will happen if i do this?". If you can support yourself, then that's the perfect way of unchaining oneself from computer phobia. It's really fun to see computer-phobic person. No offence please!

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