Wednesday, February 21, 2007

bday wish again!

Again today I got a message from a good friend, wishing me belated bday with some apology. I had expected her call the same day. But no bad feelings.

In her last bday, she called me, I talked and hung up. No clue about her bday. And the next day, I got an SMS "I called you on my bday and you didn't even wish me." I didn't do that intentionally so no apologies. I am like this. So I don't feel bad if anybody forgets to wish me or doesn't wish me. I wonder if other people also think the same way. Oh no, not the girls, they are very very strict about these small (for me) things. If you look at my previous post (an email forward) on "Why men are happier than women", you will realize that some of these things actually hold true for majority of women. Believe me I am not against feminist or feminism, but just some of the facts that I face every often.

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