Wednesday, February 21, 2007

An unintentional act of mine hurts me

We, the dancing boys, went to buy shirts for dance. We saw a shop at Thamel, went inside and found all the colors we were looking for, with some tolerance though, tried some bargaining, ok, bought them and off the shop. It doesn't sound shopping, or does it? Not for me, atleast. That's how boys are, as far as I am concerned. If the girls were to buy the same, how long would they take? Probably two days, provided 98% luck. If a girl had been with us, then it wouldn't have that easy (again my assumption).

On the way to home, I took a tempo. I totally forgot that I had no change at all, just a 1000 rupee note. I was pretty sure that the tempo driver, a female one, wouldn't have the change to give me Rs.992 back. I was feeling terrible. I didn't know what I was supposed to do or say. It would look like I intentionally carried that note not to pay at all. Fortunately I had folded 5 rupee note, hidden in my purse. I was thinking of getting off the tempo, get 10 rupee from the barber shop (my regular one) and give it to her. The tempo stopped a little far (50 m) from the shop. After getting off, I first apologized for having 1000 rupee note, asked her if she had change, "no" and then asked her if she would spare me few seconds to get some money from that shop. She looked unhappy and was about to go. I said I had 5 rupee, she took it "Give it next time" and drove away. Next time? There are hunderds of tempos, I wonder if I would ever met that tempo again.

I know how much hardships the laborers, here in Nepal and elsewhere, are going through, how much a mere (for some privileged us) 10 rupee would matter to them. That female driver would probably have a family to support. I really really felt bad, even though it was not deliberately done. I am really sorry for my unintentional act.

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