Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mega-hit performance?... most says so

Friday, 23th February 2007
Finally the much awaited day arrived, the time to put our practice at stage, infront of an ICIMOD crowd. Yeah it was ICIMOD DG farewell party last Friday. Our almost two weeks of toil was about to be unveiled. And I was sick. I can't believe i got knocked off the day before (I think I mentioned about friend's party in my last blog). I slept at 3 in the morning the day before at my friend's home, woke up at 7:15, got back to my home, showed my fresh face (but not inside) to my mom, had a little food and off to office. I was hazed the entire day, my tummy was not feeling well. And an hour long meeting made me even more sick. I was pretty sure that I was going to do something nasty that would certainly make our performance terrible. I would never forgive myself for my would-be-terrible act. I told Prative-di, our gracious coordinator that I was not feeling well (but not the night-before act). She worked much hard to get us working, call us to reach the practice on time, encouraged us from time to time, even instructed us at different points (she herself is a dancer and giving newbies a chance). Really she is a fun to work with, a great person.

We reached the venue quite early, to have a little bit of practice. I was feeling awful, resting over anything of my reach, and worrying Prativa-di. The cultural show was to start at 6PM, it was somewhere around 3PM. The stage was ready, beautifully done; you should see the ornamented flowers in the stage. Superb.

Lots of speech. Finally the time. I was also to sing a nepali song "Musu musu hasi deu" in a group, just before the dance. I couldn't trust myself of my ability to stand the entire song. I dropped out. I knew I had some reserved energy, which I didn't want to lose before my performance. Finally on the way to stage. The girls went first, were dancing and finally boys turn. I saw the cheering audience, heart was hammering slightly, and yet made my moves, trying to show my energy; and I did feel revitalized. The song ended. It was a swift song that any of us (at stage) had ever heard before. All of us were unsatiated, even the audiences "Once more!Once more!". I didn't heard though at stage, but later people said to us. We were congratulated at every corners, as if we were... It was a mega-hit. I heard people talking. It was indeed a memorable day for all of us.

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