Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bday!! Is it worth a celebration?

My eyes opened to the short vibrating music of SMS in the morning of 19 Feb. I unlocked my mobile, opened the message, "Happy birthday", I smiled and went back to sleep. It was from a friend, a good one and a girl. Girls are really good at remembering bdays. Believe me, I don't remember birthdays of any of my friends (please don't be offended, I am what I am). That was the only wish I got from Nepal. Then I got a greetings from Bulgaria, an e-pal and a girl again. I was not expecting that. But that really brought another happy smile. And then today I got another wish, though belated, from another friend studying in US, but this time a boy. To be true, I never find bday charming. Maybe that's the reason I don't remember anyone elses. But I do take guys for a treat. It's like a culture to us. Bday boy takes the group to some fancy restaurant and eat food. The group started with 8/9 of us during college and now 3 remains (most in US, one or two in Canada and one is Hetauda, a city of Nepal). We are very much against the gifts - another culture of us and a good one too. I wonder if a girl would like to join our group. I bet they will never.

I remember a beautiful saying about bday, "Oops! today I am one year closer to my death". Well I don't mean to be that pessimistic, but it's a beautiful saying. There's nothing to be happy about bday, expect those who love gifts. It's not that I don't love gifts, it's just that I am trying to follow our dying culture.

Is it really worth a celebration? Perhaps this should be one day that you do something good to the society, to the people, to the needy, if you are the one that is occupied in your daily work, if you have never looked beyond your friends circle. I am not saying we should not celebrate (not because I am being invited for another friend's bday party this thursday and I don't want to miss that). Celebrate it and also be this day be the day to take a deep look around our society.

I am really enjoying my writing. So guys, don't forget to invite me for parties.


Buzz said...

There are two sides you look at everything. Looking at each birthday meaning near to death is a flip side.

Anyway, happy belated birthday.

anjesh said...

You are right buzz. And thanks.