Monday, December 25, 2006

when will you grow up, people?

Yesterday I was on the way to Baneshwor for a little party by my friends, going to US for their study. Don't ask how many of my classmates are here in Nepal. And I wasn't saying grow up to my friends.

On the half way to the Baneshwor, it was total jam. Vehicles going up totally occupied the entire road. I was thinking what caused that - some rally, demostrations.... I was on bike. The beauty is you can tweak around to leave the jam behind. I followed other bikers, driving in the footpath. On the other side of the jam, the vehicles coming down occupied the entire street. It was disturbing to see that. Nothing was happening at all. Just hurrying people trying to get first and everyone got stuck. The major culprits are the microbus, tempo and minibus drivers, who are always in a hurry, turning, moving, crossing others way without any signal. When will these people grow up. Recently I posted a powerpoint presentation on why developing are always left behind. This attitude of people won't let the country move forward. Not just government, we are equally responsible for the present condition of our country.

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