Sunday, December 24, 2006

At informal WDR2007 presentation

I just happened to be in an informal presentation on World Development Report (wdr) 2007 by Deepti Kharurel of AYON (Association of Youth Organization Network) at Sap-Nepal. Though I haven't read the entire book, I had downloaded it to my computer and skimmed through the chapters and still remember that there are 1.3 billion youths aged 12-24 in the world.

I enjoyed my time there at the presentation. It was sort of raising awareness among youths, involved in youth organizations, since WDR07 primarily focused on youths. I liked the documentary, I didn't know that wdr is also accompanied by documentary when I downloaded it. I had skimmed though the book then and liked the concept of giving second chances to the youth. There were three main concepts regarding youths: opportunity to the youths, increasing capability among the youths and providing them second chance. I also had the pleasure to see the hard-copy of the WDR, colorful, smooth pages, extravagant looking. I wonder how much a piece of book would cost. That would have been enough for a month food for a family in Africa (just my guess!). Someone raised a pretty rational query "Ok now we know some facts about world, poverty, youths. Now what are we going to do? And can we [the youths] do?".

During the tea break, I was listening to some youths talking on politics, why many youths are falling into the trap of politics. Some of them were suggesting the fact that it was because of insecurity. Many still believe that if you follow somw party leader, you will have a secure future. In fact there are many cases to support this fact. One was also giving an example of a competitive, qualified friend applying for some decent post, then another person, affiliated to some party, also applied to the same post. The result is affiliation proved beneficial. The one, who cited this example, later mocked his friend saying, "you were busy preparing yourself for the interview, your competitor must be busy calling everyone he knows". This is very fatal to everyone of us. Maybe also one of the reasons why people call politics a dirty game. I was illuminated with several interesting ideas from the youths.

PS: I am writing this at 4:30PM in "Performancing Editor". I will post it at night after my night-surfable internet resumes. Well just trying to show my gratitude to the "Performancing Team".

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