Friday, December 15, 2006

Is writing difficult?

Well it's been almost 2 weeks that I totally stopped blogging. Now even though I want to write, the words wouldn't flow as 2 weeks back. I listened to power writing series by Brian Tracy and he mentioned that if you want to be good at writing, then just write. Probably why I am writing right now. Just let the words flow and keep writing, there'll be plenty of time to review and any writing needs at least 5 edits. Wow... I have never done such ever in my life. I don't know how many of you like writing and yet find it difficulty in doing so? It's difficult if you think it's difficult. I have been reading and listening to lots of self-help stuffs and I really like the one called the power of mind. If you can envision yourself that you achieved something, it's really easy to fool our mind. I guess I will try to fool my mind saying that writing is damn easy and I am really good at it. Will update you.

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