Sunday, December 24, 2006

my opinion: Writing is not difficult when you are yourself.

Few days back I posed a question "Is writing difficult?". I have been writing 2/3 blogs per day and realized that "no. writing is not difficult when you just let yourself flow". One thing is if you keep on writing, the ideas just flow. But if you stop it, the same happens with your free-flowing ideas. When I used to be regular for 3 months 3 months back, I still remember how enthusiast I had become about writing. And everywhere I go, everything i do, i would think "well i can blog this." I was so conscious about my whereabouts, my whatdoings? But i still haven't developed a habit of jotting down notes as soon as it comes to my mind, which experts would consider the must-have, must-develop habit of wanna-be-writers and ofcourse all sort of writers. I was thinking about blogging on "writing is not difficult" blog in the morning. I am not trying to boast about my memory but i am trying to say that I am not a writer yet. I need to develop jotting-ideas habit.

So I will keep blogging everything that comes to my mind. Don't care about my target audiences. Infact I haven't thought about them yet, though blogging experts would say to must set target audiences to start blogging to give you a purpose of blogging. As I have said before "my purpose for now is to develop a habit of smooth writing." and forget about others. I am sorry to you (reader) but I am really bad at writing so blogging is just a medium to me.

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