Saturday, December 23, 2006

Again "performancing" at a glance...

Well I installed "Performancing" add-on to my firefox and posted a test post yesterday. You may have noticed "powered by performancing firefox" at the bottom of the post. I thought now I have edit it online to remove that powered tag. I wouldn't want to have it in all of my posts. Fortunately there's an option in settings from where you can choose not to insert it. I hope this time, that "powered by" tag won't appear (i have disabled it).

Someother things that I liked about "Performancing"

You are writing some content and you are maintaining multiple blogs. If you are using browser for blogging, you have to go to the dashboard and choose "create post" for the right blog. People in developing countries would understand how difficult and tardy life is in the internet world. I am delighted to say that "Performancing" definitely makes our life easy to certain extent. You write a post and choose the blog from the sidebar where you would want to have your blog posted. Just a click and everything happens in the background.

Other thing I liked is "History" feature. Choose a blog from the list and click history, 10 latest posts are retrieved from online to your desktop. Choose the one you want to edit and click "Publish as Edit" to edit that post. Life is certainly getting easy. Sometimes I would write online and wouldn't feel like writing after sometime, then I would save it as a draft, so that I would return in future to complete that post. The result is I would totally forget about it and it would remain as draft for ever. "Performancing" wouldn't let that continue in future, now I have that draft in my desktop and complete in my leisure time. Thanks Performancing.

I would love to see more HTML tag options in editor toolbar. Since "performancing" is a sort of desktop utility, it wouldn't be difficult to add more features in the toolbar. By the way, there are even add-ons to the "performancing" add-on. It's funny though that there are add-ons to the add-on. Add-ons/plugins/extensions are the must-think-and-have feature in any application, be it web or desktop. That will really aid the application to extend on and on, re-usability also increases.

I thought inserting image would also be comfortable. "Error: Error contacting server..." welcomes me. I tried with the browser, the image gets uploaded without a question. Well there was a "I agree" checkbox, maybe because beta tag was removed from But still insert image from performancing would not work. I used the url of uploaded image from browser. It worked (see my pic?) . Why uploading from performancing editor not working? A bug?

I think I just found another flaw. As I was typing this post, I have to use "Save as Note" and everytime it asks "Overwrite the note?". That was quite disturbing. I would love to have the option to turn that off. And I almost lost 2 paragraphs. I was writing this post and just happened to browse the posts in the history list. When I came back to the Notes, there was not 2 paragraphs. I got mad. I forget to click "save as note". How insensible is this system to ignore changes when I move to other sections. It should remind me to save the content when I moved around other options. Fortunately undo/redo (Ctrl-Z/Ctrl-Y) worked and I got my content back. That was really scary. This issue should be addressed asap. People will get mad if the content gets lost. Auto-save feature would be really appreciated.

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