Monday, October 09, 2006

Technology: now and then...

I bought a new keyboard and a new mouse, 3/4 months after having bought new ones. I was very elated to get then for quite a cheap price then, but it didn't last even 6 months. I am off to buy new one and the recent ones were little expensive than the former but overall they were quite expensive as I have to buy two keyboards and two mice( i am not sure whether mice or mouses). Anyways the point is gadgets are getting more and more cheap and yet less durable. I still remember my first keyboard, that came along with my computer almost 6 years back, lasted for almost 5 years. It was quite expensive then. Now you can get the same computer with half the price than 6 years back and with even higher specifications but less durable. But again if you are buying some quality computer then they are still expensive. Most people would try to buy the cheap ones, mainly due to lack of knowledge and also financial problems. But in the long run, they will be wasting their money on service charges. One good (or bad??) thing on buying new computers here is you get everything you need ..i mean softwares. Entire Office package and anything you want ( Maya, 3D studio, autocad, Acrobat, photoshop,.. you name it). Piracy has some thing to offer to people and yet so-seemed-boom is a curse to software company because people wouldn't understand the value of softwares.. they are getting so many things for free.

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