Thursday, October 26, 2006

Find and feel good: Who else share your birthday?

I accidentally stumbled upon a wiki page which lists people born on this day, died and also some important events occurred on that day. I suppose each day is as important as any other day. Feel good if any of you out there think that you are unlucky just because you born on the day you born. Many great people share the same day.

You can create the link yourself Or go to the end of the page (of link given above), you will see a calendar-like with links to all the days.

I don't know if I should be adding my name in that list or not. I am confused with what title to give myself - student, engineer, developer, ICT advocator.... I am going to wait till I reach decent position doing what I should be doing. If you are puzzled with 'what I should be doing' line, then read blog. And don't forget to skim through his archives. You will be enlightened.

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