Saturday, October 21, 2006

Social Networking sites: Why they boom?

If you are little tech-suavy, you would not miss to know how popular social networking sites are these days. There's,, and there are so many. I use hi5 user. I was just going through my friends list and realized that i haven't seen them for so long. So sent few messages to friends. Then I felt like going through the list of friends and many of them are still not in my list. I sent friends requests to almost 20. It's so easy to do social networking these days, there's a charm and ease with which we can contact our friends. If your friend is in other part of the world, there's no way that you will be able to get hold of him/her. Thanks to internet and social networking site, we are not missing much of our friends. As you start networking with your friends, such sites get lots of hits per day, lots means really lots. The more hits they get, the more their value is and their price grows. Can any of us imagine paying $580 millon for, $1.56 billion for, and is under scrutiny of yahoo. How much does facebook cost? A billion? Will get to know in coming days.

The best part of such networking site is it's self-sustainability. Users are the backbones of such sites. Content are generated by users and as users increase more, more contents hence increasing the value. Everything is so virtual.

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