Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Baburam Bhattarai beaten by Upendra Devkota

I understand the title is very misleading. But this is what media would have preferred, though I am not a media-person. I was thinking of putting the title as "Dr. Baburam Bhattarai beaten by Dr. Upendra Devkota". Fortunately they were not PhD then.

Interestingly I stumbled upon the wikipedia page on Baburam Bhattarai, prominent figure of CPN(Moaists), where it was mentioned that he was once beaten by neurosurgeon Dr. Upendra Devkota in school. The sentence is equally misleading, as this blog's title. Is it Bhattarai beaten only once in his life time or beaten only once by Devkota? :)

Excerpts from Wikipedia

He always came in first position in his classes throughout his primary and secondary education. Only once, however, during a midterm exam, he was beaten by his fellow classmate, Dr Upendra Devkota a neurosergeon in Nepal.


anup said...

who's beaten by who is not important actually. it's kind of our societal illness we have. illness i'd say of putting oneself in the forefront just as a showoff. dr. baburam now stands in another front than dr. upendra. school level competition is already we know where even handwriting gives u good marks. saying one was first and other second just gives us temporary pleasure because we have grown in such a society. what matters most is who has done what for the society. i see dr. upendra had already made country proud and still he is. he has served fellow nepalese inspited of his chances in england. dr. baburam as well has the other view of serving nepali people. he and his party has ended the long running 239 yr old monarchy and liberated the people here. both are contributing a lot. so it's worthless saying who is good over who as both of them are good for us.

anup said...

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