Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ignorance is bliss: Who said that?

I had my mobile repaired today, which costed me 500 bucks. That's too much, considering the fact that the guy just formatted it. I don't know what and how it happened but my mobile Nokia 6600 just stopped working out-of-blue at Pokhara. The repair-man clearly said that he would take 500 if it works after resetting and if he had to re-install OS, then he would charge me Rs 800. I was assuming that everything might need to re-install. Why? Don't know. Actually I was little excited what's he going to do. And my ignorance costed me 500 bucks. Everything worked fine after that. That's not going to happen next, cause wikihow explanation does sound easy, as quoted below.
1. Turn your device off.
2. Remove SIM card and MMC card (actually, you do not need to remove these, but after format remember to format memory card and reboot phone).
3. Press (3 + * + CallButton) Together.
4. Turn your device on while you are pressing the three buttons.
5. You should now see "Formatting .." on the Screen! Leave the buttons now.

The above process does the deep reset, which means 'format and new install'. And the phone will be restored back to the way it was bought in. Wish I knew that before :-(

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