Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kathmandu: A death zone?

I was amazed to find out that Canada, the second largest country in terms of area (9,984,670 Km2), has an estimated population of 32 million; whereas Nepal, with an area of 141,181Km2, has an estimated population of 27 million (as of July 2005). Our population almost matches to that of Canada. These days, it is heard that there are almost 2 million or more people in the Kathmandu city (area 50.67km2) alone. Can you imagine that? Which means that there are almost 20,000,000/56.67 people per km2 that is around 394,710/km2 density. You can clearly notice that in the evening, with lots of traffic jams, crowds, smoke, dust. (I was stuck in a jam today for almost 15-20 minutes, which otherwise would take me 2 minutes) I wonder how long will it take Kathmandu to top the most polluted and crowded city. The only alternative to reduce crowd in the capital is to move capital out of Kathmandu, which does sound ridiculous. But there's no any other solution. It won't take time for us to get lung problems and so many different types of diseases. There are already such cases. I heard that almost 50 traffic policemen or more got bed-ridden at the same time a month or two back, cause smoke, dust, pollution. I don't know the exact source. It's very likely for such news. I ain't and won't be surprised at all.
Certainly it won't take long for Kathmandu to be called "a death zone".

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