Wednesday, November 01, 2006

People who brightens others day

I have a colleague at ICIMOD. I call her di (di short for didi or elder sister). She is senior than me, 4/5 years older at max. I have never seen anyone like her, I mean in terms of attitude, except in books and dramas. I got the privilege to give her a lift in my bike today and she said bye, greeted walking ICIMOD staffs on the way. I am not talking about hot shots of ICIMOD but sweepers, clerks, drivers, gardeners. I finally asked her "You talk to all the staffs, don't you?". She said ,"Yes, but I don't talk much with the bosses; well everyone is after them. These are the people that water the plants, drive our buses, clean our rooms." So true. Nobody says anything to these people, everyone just takes their services for granted. Now I admire her even more.

She is a good gardener, waters plants everyday. If she doesn't water for even a day, she will feel guilty. She understands life.

The first time I was introduced to her (regarding work), I had little hard time catching up with her. She talks very fast, nonetheless nice. If you talk with her for the first time for a minute or two, you would forget that you just met her in the next 5 minutes. I would say that's her gift, not yours.

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