Monday, November 20, 2006

Freaky Google Video Player

I normally don't download videos. Sometimes there are some interesting videos at google. Watching streaming videos block by block is not fun at all. The alternative is to download to desktop and you need google video player for that.

As far as I remember the last time I downloaded one video (around 2 weeks back or more) I was asked to download updated video player. Again today I was asked the same. Is google always updating its player? or just discouraging people from downloading videos. That won't be much of a concern in the west but it takes around 10-15 minutes to download the player here in Nepal and again then video would take a lot... sometimes even days ( I used internet at night only). I wonder if google would ever think of making downloads through download accelerators. Or maybe they are afraid that their servers wouldn't be able to handle the loads. Google? Overload? I must be joking.

Why does this happen to me? Now the player V1.0.3.3 starts to download the video, the same version that just asked me to download updated player. Freaky.

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