Thursday, November 23, 2006

Imagine working 500 hrs to draw a picture in MSPaint

MSPaint is the children's toy. That's what many of us assume. But making such detailed image in MSPaint is beyond our imagination (exceptions though). What makes people do such things? Is that interest? (but I don't suppose another person will be using same or more amount of time to make such picture and using MSPaint). Is it just to get popularity?

If you see the stats,

Total: 218,782
Today: 35,165

Total: 771,014
Today: 0

Comments: 775

That's a pretty good number for a single post. Obviously this guy or better this post is getting popular. It's almost for sure that anybody will be thrilled to see such work using MSPaint. But does it really worth?
My first impression was "Is this guy crazy?" I am impressed with his creativity and art and patience. If you can get the same result using other advanced graphics tools and most importantly with less time, would you choose MSPaint? Just imagine working painstakingly in MSPaint on one image for at least 1 hour. 500 hours is beyond imagination.

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