Sunday, November 19, 2006

Irresponsible act in the should-be-responsible organization

How much do we respect other people's time? Not much. Probably one of the reasons for our present situation. We, in general, don't care about others time, space. That's why we have a habit of appearing at least an hour late than the actual time and mock ourselves saying "It's nepali time".

Today, I went to pay for the monthly phone bill at Nepal Telecom's Naxal Exchange. I reached there 10 minutes after the offical opening time. Only two people were behind the counter, despite the fact that there should be 5 working counters by 10. This definitely shows carefree attitude of Nepal Telecom (NTC), which has the responsibility of connecting Nepal. Are they to be trusted? Monopoly is the major factor for such scenario.

The two queues were pretty long. After staying in a queue for around 20 minutes, a peon came and summoned both the working persons. Upon interogating, they were being called by their boss for a meeting. Meeting at this rush hour? We were shocked. What kind of irresponsible boss is that in such a responsible state owned organization. We were just waiting for them. Some people even went to talk, but in vain. Some were even suggesting to break few glasses, throw away the TV. Fortunately nothing happened. Then we would be no different from them. Finally they appeared after 20 minutes.

Isn't this such an irresponsible act? Is that meeting at such a rush hour important than the convenience and time of customers? Is our time not valued at all? Many people have to take their time off from their office to pay bills, and just to get waited. If there are people who don't respect others time, then they should never be there. This is not just a problem at NTC but virtually in all the state-owned should-be-most-responsible organizations of Nepal.

I wonder when NTC would start online payment or through debit cards. It's very high time that everyones' time be respected.

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