Monday, November 13, 2006

I have never seen people hurrying to give blood before

I was shocked to see zeal among ordinary people to donate blood at Blood Donation programme, organized by Leo club of Kantipur on last Saturday 11th Nov. This was the first time I was very involved in blood donation. I was busy entire day.

I was not sure about how and why people would come to donate blood at open blood donation programme. I saw many people, just passing by, came at our place for no apparent reason than giving their blood. There was even a couple who parked their bike, walked to us and donated blood. There were some young girls (somewhere around 20) . One young girl really panicked us, first she got dizzy while giving blood and all of sudden she puked during rest. There was another adult person, sitting quietly, suddenly fell off the chair. I am sure some people gave up the idea of blood donation after such scary moment.

The programme started at 9:30AM and continued till 2:30PM. Among collected 111 pins of blood, 24 were of female donors. Overall the programme was quite successful. The credit goes to all the selfless donors, who came out of blue to donate blood. I would like to thank each one of them from the very core of my heart.

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