Tuesday, November 07, 2006

If this is democracy, then we don't need it

Everyone talked about freedom, free speech, free press in democracy. After 19 days of April revolution, we saw a glimmer of hope and more than 6 months have passed, we are still hoping that it will be a little better in Nepal. Maoists are having a mass meeting on Friday 10 Nov. Many people from villages are forced to come to Kathmandu for the meeting, an unauthorized number of 1 million. This shows how insecure Maoists are. They are using excessive power to make this mass meeting successful. And maoists are going from house to house for food and shelter. Each house has to feed around 10 or more maoists cadres, depending upon the house. They are giving a list of people who will come to each house.

Some ICIMOD colleagues are already given the list of maoists to feed. I don't know how long is it going to take before they come to my house. During conflicts, I heard about poor villagers being forced to feed maoists. I thought it's so bad then. Now I realized that how frightened we will be when we'll have to feed and shelter maoists. Already the thought of their arrival gives me panic, some sort of uneasiness, feeling of insecurity. Yet I... we can't do anyhing.

Do we have any other choice than cope with them? I don't see any. Can we, the general citizens, go against weaponed maoists? We can't. Can we go to police, army for help? No use at all.

Nepalnews report: Maoists forcing valley locals to feed their cadres, provide shelter

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