Saturday, November 18, 2006

Good 'ol days

Today i got to meet old frens from St. Xavier's Campus. It was such a sudden event. It was really good to see them, though few (just the five of us). Joking and laughing and mocking each other reminds us of our old days. But things have changed a lot. One thing I noticed among us is the care for our country Nepal. We are in some way worried about the current situation, even discussed on politics on few moments. It's not just us. Many youths are now aware of politics and its importance and its impact in their lives. I take that as a big revolution in our thoughts since recent April revolution. I used to share one common and popular quote on politics "Politics is a dirty game". But now I don't say that any more, instead argue with those orthodox thinkers.

I am very elated to find out about one of few among my blog readers. Thanks Ranjan.

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