Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ugh! Worldlink

It's been few days that blogger.com is not working from home, the result is none of the xyz.blogspot.com are working. I called Worldlink, the Great ISP, to inform them about this. They told me that they have blocked blogger.com to prevent massive spamming to their email accounts. How could they do that to such popular blogging site just because they can't control spamming? I was asked to talk with some other person tomorrow. Let's see what he'll say to me.


Lunatic Calm said...

so thats seems to be the problem.....scheissekopf worldlink!!! because of that havent been able to use it from my home to update my blog....cant do it much from the office, hope they fix it soon or they might get a revolt in their hands.
stupid people!!!

anjesh said...

Yeah!! Now it's working. I called them but couldn't talk to the person whose name and mobile was given to me. I am sure they must have got lots of complaints from others too. Lots of people are blogging after all.